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Europe's Biggest Producer of Natural Stone Bracelets. Hand Made in Belgium.

Our philosophy is part of every bracelet we make. We use natural stones sourced from all over the world: Mexico, Eastern Europe & Asia. Gemini bracelets are made by hand in Belgium - this helps us to reach the highest possible quality.

In two dedicated working places with a social focus, we are producing our bracelets and export them to 8 countries across Europe. The market for men's accessories is growing each year, a trend we are happy to support. We hope that by 2020 there will be a Gemini point of sale in every major city in Europe.

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 T H E  

                   A L P I N E


         R O A D T R I P





Two talented photo/videographers on the road making content spreading Gemini all over the world. Are you as talented as they are? Join our story and maybe YOUR pictures will be in our next campaign. #wearegemini

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